Mailbox Monday – 8th Edition

Has it really been 8 weeks of blogging? Time really does fly when you’re working on something you love. I’ve found perhaps the most intricate mailbox I’ve ever seen this week – just look at that lighthouse! There’s even little people inside. 20160824_094403 (1).jpg

What a week! Mr. Foodie and I have stepped up our baking game and made Peach Pie with Fontina, Peanut Butter, Cranberry Chocolate Cookies, and Soft Pretzels from scratch! The best part was stuffing our faces cooking with one another (:P). This week is wide open so far, but I’m planning sharing some of my favorite Cookbook Reads with you and testing some tried-and-true Keys recipes. A storm is coming – although looking like the worst of it will pass us by, but we are still battening down the hatches (aka moving the beer from the downstairs fridge to the upstairs one) in preparation. Power is less than stable even at the best of times, so we might be having some canned dinners a la mode lol. Finally Mr. Foodie and I have had the most transcendent street-food eats we’ve ever had in the keys, so stay tuned for that review coming up this week.

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Mailbox Monday – 7th Edition

It’s Mailbox Monday again! This series celebrates the amazing mailboxes I come across everyday living in paradise. Unsurprisingly, many of them are fishing themed such as this week’s fishing lure mailbox. Speaking of fishing, Mr. Foodie and I can’t wait to share our most recent fishing adventure with you! And this week we are busting out some of our favorite casual poolside eats. Mr. Foodie is working on Key West now, so I’m looking forward to testing some new restaurants (and reevaluating some old ones). In the meantime,  check us out on Instagram @flkeysfoodie and Pinterest for more fl keys foodie adventures!

Mailbox Monday – 5th edition

Manatees on Mailboxes! Since I’ve started running through my neighborhood, I’ve seen so many cute mailboxes – many that involve manatees in some way. If you haven’t checked it out already, you should see my post on our own manatee family that often swims in our canal. This week Mr. Foodie and I plan to try some new recipes from some excellent resources on food in the Keys as well as to (finally) get started realizing some of our tropical gardening dreams. Stay tuned for more food and fun, and get even more on our #keyslife by checking us out on Instagram @flkeysfoodie and on Pinterest.

Mailbox Monday – 4th edition

Another week in paradise and another adorable mailbox to share with you. Even more traditional mailboxes have Keys flare down here. This week I’m writing about several more Marathon Key restaurants and I’ve got some exciting meals planned for when we return home on Wednesday, so stay tuned. Want to follow our foodie adventures? Use the follow function on the right or check us out on instagram @flkeysfoodie for even more #keyslife.

Mailbox Monday – 3rd Edition

Continuing with my Monday tradition of showcasing another adorable Keys mailbox – because even checking your mail should bring you a bit of happiness in paradise. This week I am excited to finally share all the details of Little Palm’s magic brunch experience and the discovery of a wildly sought-after fruit growing in my own back yard! For sneak peeks and more FL Keys Foodie fun, check us out on Instagram @flkeysfoodie.

Mailbox Monday

One of the wonderful peculiarities of the Keys is the elaborate mailboxes that pop up around the neighborhoods. Understandably, most of them are sea-themed, but all of them encapsulate the creative, sun-loving, and laid back lifestyle that is so unique to these islands. The idea is to feature one weekly here, and I am already looking forward to next week’s because I find it delightful. Happy Fourth of July all!

Sea Horse