My earliest memories are of the Florida Keys. My mother was called there to build for the Navy base in Boca Chica in the 80’s and we came with, my father and I. While we were there, my brother was born. I have been shaped by these blue-green waters, this heat, this salty air. My whole life we returned regularly and most recently my fiance (hereafter known as Mr. Foodie) and I decided to pack up and move here after years living north with winters and traffic and a good six times the number of people. This is a chronicle of our adventure here, my relationship to the keys, and of course, food. Both of us love cooking and baking and making friends over a good meal. We hope you enjoy this little journey as much as we are. We welcome your comments! And for more stunning images of our life here, feel free to check us out on Instagram @flkeysfoodie and Pinterest